Stact Wine Wall: Modular Wall-Mounted Wine Storage

Those Concrete Wine Bunkers are awesome for setting up a modular storage system for your growing wine collection.  Made from heavy bricks, however, they’re far from the most convenient option when moving digs or rearranging your home.  If you’re looking for something a lot less troublesome for later use, the Stact Wine Wall should prove a better solution.

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer, it’s a set of wall-mountable racks that you can use to hold your wine bottles perpendicular to the wall.  Each module can hold nine bottles of wine, three rows with three bottles apiece, and twelve bottles when combined with another module placed by its side.

Every Stact Wine Wall module consists of a 36.5 x 28.8 cm (w x h) board and nine support bars measuring 18.8 cm long.  The board comes in six finishes, walnut, white oak, zebra wood, piano black, pure white, and electric orange, with the supports machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.  It comes with pre-installed brackets for easily mounting up any drywall surface.

While you can, of course, lay these across your basement walls, the minimalist but decorative design should make them plenty sweet for practically any part of the house.  And when you get tired of stocking on wine, these things literally look like they’ll make a nice home for your sneaker collection, too (sure, they won’t look as funky as the Shrine Rack, but they will do).

The Stact Wine Wall is available directly from the manufacturer website, priced at $129.99 each.

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