Use The Staeckler Shoe Storage To Clip Your Shoes Up The Wall


We’ve seen several options for mounting your shoes up a wall, from specialized ones like the Shrine Rack to more versatile solutions like the Strap Wall Organizer. We doubt there’s ever been any that’s as economical in its use of space as the Staeckler, though.

Consisting of nothing more than a pair of hook-like fixtures, it lets you store a pair of sneakers on the wall. That’s right, the fixture doesn’t just spare you from using precious floor space to keep your shoes, it adds nothing unsightly to the walls when not in use, too, looking nothing more than a hook to hang a coat on and taking up just as little wall area. In fact, you can probably use it to hang bags and coats, provided they don’t weigh any heavier than conventional trainers.


Designed to hold sneakers and similar footwear, the Staeckler uses integrated clips to clamp onto the shoe’s heel, holding it facing forward to show off your fancy kicks. It can hold most any size of sneakers (any shoe with a heel, in fact), although they might not be compatible with some of the taller high-top designs. A set of two screws and two wall anchors are included for mounting it up the wall, with included adhesive pads as an alternative for folks who live in apartments (probably restrict it to lighter trainers in that case). It measures 95 x 20 x 72 mm (h x w x d) and comes in different colors to match any décor.


Available directly from Staeckler’s web store, it’s priced at $12.

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