Cold Maintaining Steel Drinkware Keeps Your Drinks Colder For Longer

Nobody likes their beer lukewarm or their sodas or their juices.  And you don’t really want to keep dumping ice on the thing — diluted beverage doesn’t exactly make for the tastiest fare, either.  This Cold-Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware should prove much more suited for the job.

According to the product page, the uncovered drinking cup can maintain chilled  temperatures considerably longer than any similar drinking vessel.  During tests against glass, ceramic and plastic cups, in fact, ice cubes put in the steel containers melted at least 45 minutes longer under the same room temperatures (in some cases, it went as far as 105 minutes longer).

How do the cups manage to keep temperature so steady?  The Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware features two walls of stainless steel that keep all that chilled goodness from escaping.  Each cup measures 5.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter, with an interior capacity of 12 oz.  Since they’re constructed from steel, the cups aren’t susceptible to breaking, chipping or cracking even if you drop them, either.

If you like nursing your beer while you sip it from a cup, then the Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware should make for a most exceptional place to hold it in.  It comes in sets of four, priced at $49.95.

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