Sharpie…Now In Stainless Steel

Sharpies are awesome.  Serious vandals who want to draw male organs across bathroom walls as their life’s work, however, deserve better than disposable plastic pens.  They need the Stainless Steel Sharpie, a fine-tipped permanent marker clad in a sturdy, steel barrel design.

Bringing a touch of class to drawing moustaches on drunk sorority girls’ faces all across the globe, the refillable marker finally gives permanent ink a permanent shell to dwell in.  Yes, it still uses the same fade-resistant, water-resistant ink that parents with small, “artistic” children have grown to abhor, housed in a new, garbage-resistant body.

The Stainless Steel Sharpie features a completely stainless steel barrel with the familiar Sharpie logo etched onto it.  It uses a fine tip for facilitating detailed markings, with a removable ink cartridge for tacking on refills.

A metal Sharpie is probably way down on your list of priorities.  But that’s only because you’re a square.  If you’re a proud vandal carrying on the bathroom tradition began by rebellious children in elementary school, however, it could be just the kind of thing that inspires you to do great things.  Like creating the Sistine Chapel of obscene marker drawings or something.

Sharpie is calling it “our most luxurious Sharpie marker ever.”  Don’t worry, “luxury” is relative in this case – the Stainless Steel Sharpie is only $8.  Whew.

[Sharpie via Gizmodo]