Stake Is An All-In-One Grilling Utensil

I don’t have a problem keeping a triumvirate of tools on hand when grilling.  As it turns out, some people don’t find the complexity of juggling tongs, spatula and fork all that fun.  And someone has dropped in with a multi-tool to save the day: the Stake.

Fashioned by Peter Wachtel, the grilling utensil combines a trifecta of functions in a single instrument.  That way, you can spike that sausage, flip that steak and grip those bacon jalapenos without having to switch tools.

The Stake is actually two spatulas slapped together with a smooth leaf spring mechanism, so they can be used as tongs.   You can lock the handle when using as a spatula, so that it doesn’t accidentally open up and send your slab of meat flying.  When you need to spike something, just move the slide control on the handle to make the two-pronged grilling fork appear (you get 2.5 inches of it sticking out for porking stuff) and slide it back in to remove the meat from the spikes.

The tool has wooden handles, with all the metal parts getting a non-stick brushed finish.  It measures 22.5 inches long when the fork is slid all the way out, with the spatula measuring 3.5 inches in width.   We’re not sure how easy this is to clean since there are plenty of moving parts, but if you hate having to constantly juggle the fork, tongs and spatula during outdoor barbecues, we can’t imagine anything better.

Currently, the Stake is on presale at Quirky for $27.99.  They’re waiting for 1,500 preorders before proceeding with production.