Stanley All-Day Slim Bottle Adds a Second Opening for Filling Your Tapered Bottle with Ice

Stanley makes what’s probably the most popular travel bottle with their Quencher series, whose TikTok fame translated to big sales in the real world. Of course, not everyone wants a travel mug with a sip straw and a large handle, which is why Stanley has a healthy selection of other travel bottle designs. Their latest, the Stanley All-Day Slim Bottle, puts their travel-friendly vacuum insulation on a traditional bottle.

Taking on classic bottle shape, the vessel has a wide cylindrical base sized to fit inside cupholders, all while tapering at the waist on the way to a flared opening. With its tapered neck, the bottle is ideal for holding beverages that you want to keep fresh, such as wine, soda, or whatever carbonated energy drink you currently chug by the liter.

The Stanley All-Day Slim Bottle integrates a design element to overcome the biggest problem with traditional bottle shapes – the fact that you can’t put in ice cubes into the main chamber. Specifically, they added an opening at the waist, allowing you to take off the tapered section of the bottle (they call it the “collar”), so you can easily dump ice, fruits, or whatever else you want into the main chamber. In fact, you may even be able to use it that way, drinking out of it like a cup, although it doesn’t look like it’s shaped for optimal use in that manner (it curves in a bit right at the opening).

The same removeable section should also make it easier to clean, since you get easy access to both the base and tapered sections, with no need to use one of those slender bottle brushes to properly reach the inside areas. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, with those large openings on each side making it perfectly suitable for .

The Stanley All-Day Slim Bottle is made from 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel, so this should be durable enough for outdoor use, whether during routine days around the city or out on the trail over the weekend. Like other modern travel bottles, it has double-wall insulation, so it will lock in your drink’s temperatures, whether it’s best enjoyed hot or cold. According to the outfit, it can keep cold drinks chilled for up to 17 hours and hot drinks warm for up to eight, so it’s as good as any travel bottle you can find in the market.

Two sizes are available: 20 oz. and 34 oz., so you can empty out an entire bottle of wine into it if you get one of the bigger bottles. Remember when Stanley made their products in military green and similar earthy colors? Yeah, that’s long gone, with a big part of the Quencher’s success coming from the outfit’s liberal use of pastel colors that made the brand just that much more appealing to a female demographic. As such, it comes in colorways more oriented towards women’s tastes, such as cream, azure, lilac, and rose quartz. If you don’t like any of the colors on offer, you can bet they’ll add more down the line, so there’s probably something that will appeal to you eventually.

Want one? The Stanley All-Day Slim Bottle is available now, priced at $30 and $40 for the 20 oz. and 34 oz., respectively.

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