Stantt Makes Off-The-Shelf Shirts That Fit Like Tailored Outfits

Finding a perfect shirt is no easy task.  After all, we each have different bodies.  Some have larger midsections; some have broader shoulders; some have skinnier arms; and so on.   Until we get our shirts custom-tailored, we settle for good enough, while occasionally stumbling upon something that fits like a boss.  Stantt Casual Shirts wants to change this by offering unique sizes that take a person’s body shape into account.

You know how shirts are categorized S, M, L, XL and so on?  Well, that doesn’t really work when you’re looking for a shirt that can fit different physiques.  Should two guys, one a 200-pound bodybuilder and another an overweight dude with a pot belly, really be wearing the same XL shirt?  Probably not.

Stantt doesn’t actually offer tailored shirts.  Instead, they stock a range of shirts with measurements identified using Datafit, that fancy curve-fitting software used in labs and whatever.  Using a sample size of 1,000 men aged 25 to 35, they took body scans that logged around 200 measurements each, which they then narrowed down to three critical factors that affected how shirts fit a dude. The result is 50 unconventional shirt sizes that are based on the combination of a wearer’s chest size, waist size, and arm length (rather than whether you’re a small or medium), allowing them to offer clothing at a much affordable price than custom tailoring services.

Because of the large amount of sizes they have on offer, the first line consists strictly of casual button-downs and polos, so guys can finally get these wardrobe essentials right.  Each one is handcrafted using US-grown Supima cotton, with three color options: Navy Gingham, Light Blue and White.

Currently, Stantt Casual Shirts is holding a Kickstarter to raise funds for a production run.  Pledges to reserve a button-down or a polo starts at $98 and $68, respectively.

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