Star Trek Bathrobe: If Hugh Hefner Was A Star Trek Nerd…

That Star Trek uniform you wear when attending conventions is nice.   So nice, in fact, you want to wear it all the time.  Except you can’t because, let’s face it, a stretch top isn’t the manliest of shirts to put on.  Here’s one you can reasonably wear everyday, even before you get it on with a lady friend without looking too weird: the Star Trek Bathrobe.

Officially licensed from CBS, the loose-fitting garment comes in two signature colors — gold, for those in Command, and blue, in case you fancy yourself in the Sciences department. Of course, your department insignia is embroidered on the left breast, with your rank (Captain for the gold and Commander for the blue) embroidered on the robe’s sleeves.

The Star Trek Bathrobes are all 49 inches long, with 34-inch sleeves and waist capacity topping out at 50 inches.  As a robe, the design is pretty much standard, with a tie-up closure, a pair of pockets and a 100% cotton make.

Not only will it be cool to use in the bathroom and beside the pool, we’re guessing you can wear it to your favorite geeky conventions and trade shows, as well.  Get some escorts, dress them up as sexy Vulcan babes and you can be the Hugh Hefner of Star Trek nerds.  The older you are, the more fitting the costume will be, too, so you can get a lot of mileage from it over the years (at least, until people forget who Hugh Hefner is).

You can buy the Star Trek Bathrobes from Thinkgeek, priced at $49.99.

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