Star Trek Cremation Urns Is One Way To Stay Fanboy Even After You Pass Away

You dedicated your life to Star Trek.  Isn’t it only fitting you dedicate your death to it, too?  If you answered in the affirmative, then you can arrange to have your cremated ashes housed inside this Star Trek Urn, so you can boldly go into the final frontier.

At first, we thought this was somebody’s idea of a Trekker joke.  Until we saw the official endorsement from the site, that is.  Yes, it’s a real, licensed merchandise, designed to take the earthly remains of full-fledged Star Trek geeks into the afterlife.

The Star Trek Urn sports a decidedly uninspiring boxy shape, constructed out of composite materials, with a storage capacity of 190 cubic inches.  It comes with a stainless steel faceplate, etched with the departed’s name scroll at the top and an inscription at the bottom (either “To boldly go…” or “The voyage continues…”).  The Delta logo is cut out under the name, with an image of the Enterprise printed on anodized aluminum visible under it.  A personalized nameplate can also be requested to go above the graphic.

Created by memorial products specialists Eternal Image, the urns are said to”[offer] fans a unique expression of their love for the franchise.”  Pretty strange if you ask me, but then again, I never quite got into the whole fanboy subculture.

According to the official Star Trek website, the Star Trek cremation urns are now available for $799 at the Osceola Memory Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetery in Central Florida.  Don’t ask me why – I have no idea if there’s more concentration of dead Trekkers out there than anywhere in the world.  By October 1, though, it will be widely available throughout the US.