Bladebuilder Lets You Make The Weirdest Lightsabers Ever


People have been playing with toy lightsabers for a long time now. And they have, pretty much, looked the same way, as a single light-bladed sword that you used much like an actual fighting sword. The upcoming Star Wars Bladebuilder changes that, allowing you to create lightsabers with two, three, four or more blades in a whole host of logic-defying configurations.

Made by Hasbro, this really feels like what lightsabers have needed to keep them interesting after all these years. From double-edged fantasy swords to lightsabers with two smaller “lightdaggers” to downright strange variants that look like they’ll kill you before you ever touch an enemy, being able to build your own version just sounds like a whole lot of fun.


The Star Wars Bladebuilder consists of an assortment of hilts, connectors and colorful lightsabers that you mix and match at will, turning out your Frankensteined version of one of the most iconic fantasy weapons of all time. And by you, I mean, your kids, of course, because this set is obviously aimed at the young Jedis of the empire, although nothing’s stopping you from holding a LARP session in the backyard with your buddies after a few beers while the kids are visiting at grandma’s house. Yeah, you totally would.

The main Bladebuilder set, called the Jedi Master Lightsaber, contains one electronic lightsaber with onboard light and sounds, a pair of lightdaggers, an expansion hilt, and several connectors. Price is $49.99. It’s slated for availability soon.

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