Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Perks You Up Like A Sith Lord

Just like everything in life, drinking a cup of coffee just feels better when it comes bearing merchandising tie-ins with your favorite pop culture icons.  Barring the release of a Lady Gaga Crazy Coffee (which is what I’ve been praying for  — no, really), this Star Wars Dark Side Coffee might end up as my official  morning beverage.

Exclusively available from Thinkgeek, the officially-licensed product features the same gourmet whole bean coffee allegedly enjoyed by the Dark Lords of the Sith throughout their kingdoms of reign.  Stormtroopers donned their slave caps for this one, hand roasting the beans to create a rich, evil taste that will reward you with “power beyond your imagination.”

The Star Wars Dark Side Coffee blend consists of three diverse coffee beans (sourced from droid farmers in Africa and Indonesia) and two different roasts, coming together to create a “full-bodied, sharp cup with spicy undertones and smoky, dark-roasted complexity.”   Each bag features a striking Star Wars-themed label, complete with a portrait of Vader himself about to enjoy a cup.

According to the product page, every bag comes with 12 oz. of whole bean coffee. That should come around to 18 cups if you’re a moderate coffee drinker (maybe, 12 or less if you like it extra strong), so make sure you stock up if you want to drink like a Sith Lord every morning till eternity.

Order it now as gift for yourself or the coffee drinker in your life this holiday season.  Price is $14.99, which isn’t so bad, considering the Star Wars branding and all.