Star Wars Deco Lights Puts Yoda, Boba Fett, And Darth Vader’s Glowing Heads On Your Wall


Those inflatable animal heads you’ve had displayed up the wall of the man cave still look funny and all, but, sometimes, a change can go a long away. If you want something just as goofy without being averse to a little Star Wars in your life, how about replacing them with these Star Wars Deco Lights?

Made by 3DLightFX, it’s a set of wall-mounted lighting units clad in the head of characters from the long-running film franchise. Whether you’re a Star Wars diehard, a film buff, or just a dude who doesn’t mind geeky stuff around the house, these things should add a little of that vaunted force to even the blandest home interiors.


Three models of Star Wars Deco Lights are currently available: Boba Fett, Yoda, and Darth Vader. Each one is self-contained and powers using a trio of AA batteries, so there are no dangling cords to deal with. It even comes with a cracked wall decal, so it can look like you’ve got an actual head that was punched through the wall. Size varies, depending on the head, but they’re typically around 10 inches tall, so these will make for noticeable additions to any room. Mounting is done using a pair of included screws, so just get the drill ready and your new deco lamp should be running in no time.


Slated to drop on May 4th, the Star Wars Deco Lights are priced at $49.99 each, with a slight discount if you get the whole bundle. Yes, more characters are scheduled to come, although 3DLightFX is mum about which ones they’re dropping next.


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