Star Wars Stacking Mugs: Finally, A Reason To Stack Mugs On Top Of One Another

In the past, there was no reason to stack mugs.  Why the heck would you stack mugs?   It made no sense.  So someone came along and created drinking vessels that will compel you to stack them together: the Star Wars Stacking Mugs.

An officially licensed Star Wars merch, the mugs come with different parts of three Star Wars character printed along its sides.  One mug will have all the heads and upper torsos, another will have everything from the abdomen down to the upper legs, and the last will have everything from the knees and below.  To get the full characters, you’ll need to stack all three mugs together.

The Star Wars Stacking Mugs come with images of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and a Stormtrooper printed on the sides.  To see each character in full, simply stack the mugs and line up their handles.  You can, of course, rotate any of the three mugs to mix up the different body parts, creating hybrid characters for your alternate dimension of the Star Wars universe (Stormtrooper Skywalker has a nice ring to it).  They stack flush, too, so no worries about someone slamming their hands on your desk and having the entire thing fall to a crashing demise.  Each mug measures 3.5 inches tall, with ceramic construction that’s safe for both the dishwasher and the microwave.

Available now, the Star Wars Stacking Mugs retail for £14.95.

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