Stash Shorts Feature Waterproof Pockets

No one likes leaving their valuables at the beach when they jump into the water.   Phones and wallets left on your Bodacious Beach Blanket are easy targets for petty thieves, after all.  Carrying your stash straight to the water, however, isn’t exactly feasible either.  Unless, of course, you’re wearing the Stash Shorts.

While styled to look like regular beach shorts, the garment comes with a twist: waterproof pockets that let you keep your phone, wallet and other valuables inside without ruining them.  No more leaving someone to watch your stash or placing them in a pouch that you hide buried under the sand — you can keep everything with you while you swim, surf and enjoy the open seas.

At the heart of the Stash Shorts is the Stash Pocket, a sealed waterproof pouch that’s intended to incorporate into different items of clothing.   They’ve prototyped it on a whole load of garments, from jackets to bags to waders, giving them a functional slot for protecting your sensitive gear from getting ravaged by water.  The shorts are the first implementation they’re bringing to the market, which should make an ideal pair for wearing to the pool or the beach.

The shorts will be a rugged pair that’s designed not just for the water, but for other outdoor activities, such as hiking and canyoneering.  Made with a 60/40 polyester and cotton blend, they feature double and triple stitch construction, 11 to 12 inch inseams, multiple pockets (aside from the Stash Pocket), antimicrobial and quick-drying treatment, and premium-quality zippers.  The initial release will be two colors (Khaki and Olive) and four sizes (S, M, L, XL).

The Stash Shorts are currently collecting funding on Kickstarter with a shipment date of December, so it won’t quite make it to your summer escapades this year.  Pledges to reserve one start at $79.

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