Watch This Stay Puft Candle Melt While Enjoying The Scent Of Roasted Marshmallows In The Air


Whether you love camping or just enjoy s’mores, the smell of roasting marshmallows can make the coldest winters feel a whole lot more inviting. And while you can easily recreate that with your Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster, what do you do when you don’t want to end up with a dozen roasted mallows you have no intention of eating? Just light up one of these Stay Puft Candles and you’re set.

A candle depicting the likeness of Ghostbusters’ 100-foot paranormal monster, this mini-Marshmallow Man is designed to fill your home with the scent of sugary marshmallows while its wax melts and withers. That way, you can enjoy the scent of marshmallows lingering in the air without having to start roasting a pack, with the added benefit of being able to watch the giant, lumbering creature melt just like in the movie (he won’t explode, though, so no need to clean up a mess).


Instead of being a 100-foot bundle of marshmallows, the Stay Puft Candle measures just 7.9 inches tall, making him safe to bring inside your home and set up on a table to warm the mood up one of these cold winter nights. It sports a detailed likeness, recreating everything from the character’s cheerful facial expression to the bulging frame to the signature sailor outfit, making for a fun-looking tabletop decoration while it waits for you to strike a match and light it up.


Available now, the Stay Puft Candle is priced at £19.99.

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