This Modular Grill And Cooler System Is A Perfect Accessory For Tailgating


It’s not the most portable camp cooking setup currently available. With its modular and expandable design, however, the STCKBLS are definitely one of the more interesting, so while it wouldn’t be a good choice for hikers, it’s definitely perfect for car campers, tailgaters, and anyone else that can carry the extra cargo.

Consisting of modules housed inside a boxy enclosure, the system is designed for stacking on top of the other, ensuring they take up minimal space when stashed in the garage. Each one has a profile measuring 18 x 18 inches (width x depth), so they can stack into in a single sturdy file.


There are three primary STCKBLS modules: a gas grill, a cooler, and a utility storage, with a dual-purpose stand/trolley serving as a fourth module. Up to four of the box modules can be stacked on a single trolley, allowing you to bring whatever setup you need, whether that’s one grill and three coolers for a tailgate, four grills for a big barbecue, or some other custom combination. Each of the box modules come with handles on the sides, making them easy to carry by hand, whether for loading on the truck or setting up in the backyard for a party, with durable steel frames for safely building a tall stack.

The gas grill, which comes in both LPG and butane versions, has a tubular stainless steel burner that delivers a heat output of 12,000 BTU per hour, all while sporting a cooking area that measures 280 square inches. That’s large enough to accommodate about six steaks in one go. If you need to cook more food simultaneously (like when you’re feeding a big party), you can always add multiple grills to your stack and line them up to get yourself a long, contiguous cooking surface.


The STCKBLS cooler, on the other hand, comes with a 30-quart capacity and a 15-inch height. Based on similarly-sized coolers in the market, that’s enough room to accommodate anywhere from 40 to 50 cans (or a healthy stack of burgers) with a good load of ice, although there’s no word on how many days it’s going be able to keep ice. The storage box measures 10.6 inches tall, with enough room inside to accommodate all your cookware, cooking utensils, and dining accessories.


One of the most impressive elements of the system is the dual-purpose stand/trolley, which easily converts in function from one to the other. When used as a trolley, it can hold a stack of up to four box modules that you can easily move around courtesy of the two integrated wheels. An expanding design enables the trolley to easily transform into a convenient table, with room to accommodate all four boxes in a single file, while adding tables on each side for doing prep work, whether you’re marinating meat, gutting fish, or slicing vegetables.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for STCKBLS. You can reserve a full set (three boxes and a stand/trolley) for pledges starting at $325.

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