Steak Saw Cuts Up Meat Carpenter-Style

That Fred Cake Saw was pretty fun.  But chiffon with tons of sugar just isn’t your thing.  You’re a meat and potatoes guy, so this Steak Saw is just the perfect workshop-inspired table knife to make home in your utensil drawer.

Sure, your regular knives can slice those juicy pieces of cow and pig just fine.  This one, though, lets you have more fun at the dinner table, sawing delicious animal flesh like you’re cutting wood at shop class.

The Steak Saw features 5-inch long serrated steel blades that are actually built for tearing into steaks, rather than sawing into timber. The plastic handles look exactly like those on regular hand saws, so you can hold them the same way, pretending like you’re working a handyman task while slicing yourself up a big, fat sausage.

Of course, you’ll still have to pair it with the rest of your usual cutlery, so it’s not quite as fun if they went all out.  And by all out, we mean throwing in a shovel spoon, a pitchfork fork and a hose for a straw.  And maybe use a hard hat as a bowl, too.

Available in sets of four (so you entire family can dine like frustrated carpenters), the Steak Saw is available for $19.95.