Steak Station Monitors Your Meat, Ensures Perfect Cooking

Can’t tell if the steak on your grill is rare, medium or well done?  Not a problem with the Charcoal Companion Steak Station, a digital meat thermometer that tells you exactly how that slab of flesh over the fire is doing.

Using probes that stick right into the steaks, the device shows a graphical display of how heavily cooked each piece currently is.  It monitors the temperature inside the meat, showing it as a degree of “doneness” that takes the usual guesswork out of the equation.

The Steak Station is a small electronic device, measuring  1.5 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches.  It can keep tabs on up to four steaks at a time, each one taking up one section of the four row interface.  Display consists of a progress bar, showing three blocks each for Rare, Medium and Well Done, allowing you to cook super-bloody-rare, rare-but-almost-medium and other alternate combinations according to your liking.

Designed for use both on grills and ovens, the simplistic design of the cooking thermometer makes torching the perfect steak easier than ever.  Four color-coded probes allow you to tell which line stands for which meat – just stick the sharp end on the food, plug the other end onto the device and check the screen periodically.

Amazon has the Charcoal Companion Steak Station Thermometer for $22.50.

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