Stealth Bomber Electric Bike Can Do 50 Mph

If a pedal-assist bicycle can do 50 mph, is it really still a bicycle?  We don’t care about getting an answer on that, by the way, we really just want a ride on this Stealth Bomber E-Bike — an electric mountain bike that boasts exactly that max speed.

Made by Stealth Electric Bikes, the mountain racer can be set into two modes: USA and Competition.  In the former, it spits out 750 watts of power to push the bike to a street-legal 20mph speed; the latter, on the other hand, pushes the 4.5 kW motor to the max, clearing 50mph with a combined push from the motor and the rider.

The Stealth Bomber uses a direct drive brushless DC hub motor, which uses just one moving part between the motor and the ground to increase control, reliability and efficiency in complete silence.  A 1.5kWh LiFePO4 battery sits on board, providing a range of up to 50 miles after just 2 hours of charging.  The battery can be replaced with a backup in as short as 90 seconds, so you don’t have to get sidelined during the middle of a competition.

It pairs a one-piece monocoque CrMo alloy with a heavy-duty long travel suspension (180mm of front travel on the fork and 250mm rear travel),  ensuring you maintain high speed and stability in any terrain.  You can also opt for a fork upgrade to get a more downhill geometry.  Other standard features include a 9-speed sequential gearbox, hydraulic brakes, fat Duro Razorback tires and electricity cost of less than one cent per mile.

Available in gray, black, white, green, red, orange, yellow and blue, the Stealth Bomber E-Bike is available now, with prices starting at $9,900.

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