Stealth Kitchen Hides Everything Behind Fake Walls

Hiding your kitchen components behind a series of sliding doors and cabinets that look like a part of your wall isn’t new.  Such installations are usually custom-built, though,  requiring some heavy planning and skilled labor to do right.  The Stealth Kitchen, a modular system for hiding your kitchen behind unassuming walls, lets you bypass those labor-intensive tasks.

Made by Resource Furniture, the modules look just like fancy tiled walls made of wood at first glance.  But, alas, they aren’t.  Instead, they’re a series of drawers and hinged doors that open to reveal a whole host of kitchen elements.  Fling three rows of tiles open and you’ll find the fridge.  Open another set and get access to a sink with overhead shelving units.   One drawer can lead to a freezer, while another can open to an induction cooktop.  And so on.

Since the system is modular, you can order any configuration of Stealth Kitchen you want, throwing an oven here, a mini-bar there, and a kitchen counter over that side.  The basic configuration consists of a 6-foot wide compact module that bundles a sink, cooktop, convection oven, mini-fridge, mini-freezer, a dishwasher, and some storage units (shelves, a double drawer, and a vertical storage compartment).  From there, you can throw in multiple modules flanking it, like a full-size double door fridge, a pop-up table, a fold-down countertop, and more, all hidden behind the same wall-like facade.  it can be ordered in a variety of wood stain and lacquer finishes, so you can match it to the actual walls of your home.

The Stealth Kitchen is available now.  You’ll need to request a quote to get pricing, though, so expect it somewhere along the wallet-destroying range.

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