Stealthy Luxury Mobile Home Disguises Itself As A Dump Truck

It’s usually easy to identify a mobile home when you see one.  That truck on the first picture above is obviously not one of them.  Or is it?

Surprisingly, the second photo is what the inside of that utility truck actually looks like.  Instead of a dirty and dank hole, it’s a veritable hip loft on wheels, with all the accoutrements a couple living a vagabond lifestyle are ever going to need.

Why custom-build a luxury mobile home and make it look like six wheels of crap?  I have no idea.  They even took extra pains to make sure it looks a dump truck with a garbage compressor in tow.  As you can see (from the first photo), there are no visible windows, although the door on the side sort of gives its second life away (just a little bit).

Controls inside the truck allow the driver to lift up the top third of the trailer, which both raises the roof and reveals the windows along the side, making it begin to look like an actual motor home (though not by much).  Inside, it features a beautifully-designed living quarter, with all the basic luxuries you could want on the road – a lovely couch, a dining table, a fridge, a small kitchen, a bathroom, a raised bed and more.  You know, that thing looks more comfortable than the old studio apartment I used to crawl into.  Damn.

Not content with just a full living space, the truck even manages to fit in various storage areas on the side, including a drop-down lift around the back that houses a freaking quad-bike.  Ahhh…the rich and the toys they manage to come up with.  I can’t find information about the truck’s owner or the cats who tricked it out, but you can catch all the gorgeous, drool-inducing pictures on the source link below.

[All Pics 4 U via Dave & Thomas]