Desktop Dumpster: Throw Your Office Supplies Here

Graffiti-covered dumpsters don’t just look  good in dirty alleys.  Shrunk down in size like these Desktop Dumpsters, they actually manage to look handsome on your work desk, too.

Made by Steel Plant, the fancy dump-like pencil cups can hold your usual mass of office supplies, such as pens, staplers, scissors, rulers and whatever old-school tools you use in the workplace.  The website also recommends it for use as a pot for your desk plants, just in case you’d rather have something living on your workstation.

The Desktop Dumpster is made from 14-gauge recycled steel, which are cut, formed and welded into shapes that mimic the large steel trash containers that empty right into garbage trucks.  A unique custom graffiti-style art adorns the exterior of each metal box for the 101 Edition release, with other types of decorative expression planned for future releases.

It measures 9.25 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches (h x w x d), which gives you ample space to fit in a whole host of items, while the weight is a hefty 9-lbs. when empty — fortunately, they threw in four wheels, so you can move it around your desk without using up any nonexsitent muscle.     The mini-dumpsters come with wood/plastic composite lids, so you can use it like a regular covered box, too.

Meant as much for decoration as it is for utility, the Desktop Dumpster is naturally not cheap.  Only 40 pieces were made for this initial edition, which you can order directly from the Steel Plant website for $250.

[Steel Plant]