These Awesome Looking Armchairs And Couches Are Made From Steel Drums

It’s tough imagining industrial steel barrel drums being re-purposed into snazzy-looking home furniture.  Yet, that’s exactly what DrumWorks Furniture manages to accomplish with their existing collection.

Based in Randolph County, North Carolina, the company, literally, converts used steel drums into functional and stylish home furnishing.  Each one is sourced from an independent supplier that recycles steel drums for various industrial uses.  Granted, some of the pieces look like they’ll fit in better with bachelor pads, man caves, and garages like the similarly-repurposed Fridge Couch, although several of the designs look like they’ll make for killer articles even inside the family living room.

DrumWorks Furniture doesn’t just specialize in one type of piece, either.  Instead, they make different sizes and designs for couches, armchairs, stools, storage units, and even a TV stand, although the chairs are, definitely, the stand out of the collection.  Each one is sourced from salvaged 55-gallon steel drums that are cleaned up, dolled up, and powder-coated, so they can be used outdoors without worry of rust.  Their chairs are also upholstered using either Sunbrella’s colorful yet weatherproof synthetic fabrics or Nautoflex marine-grade vinyl for standing up to outdoor elements.

One of the ways the company wants to stand out is by using a recognizable design – once you see one of their armchairs, for instance, you’ll be able to easily recognize their larger sofa, too.  We’re especially fond of the two children’s designs they have – The School Bus Seat, a school bus-themed bench/toy box where the wooden seat flips up to reveal spacious storage underneath; and the Fire Truck, a similarly-configured piece with red fire truck colors, diamond plate vinyl, and a fire department emblem.

No pricing is listed at the website, but DrumWorks Furniture’s chairs retail at an average of $560.

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