Steel Grill Fry Pan Lets You Cook Everything On A Grill

You cook everything on a grill.  It makes for less grease, a strong smoky flavor and a heck of a good time preparing food in the backyard.  Problem is, not all food is ideal for the grill — sliced meats, shrimps and many vegetables will often just slip through the cracks and get swallowed by the fire when you line them up right next to the steaks.  Sure, Grill Clips can remedy that some, but it can only cook a limited amount at a time. The Steel Grill Fry Pan takes care of that.

Looking more like a colander than a frying pan at first glance, the cookware is completely perforated, so the food can actually come in contact with the flame instead of just cooking over the heat.  That way, the food will cook and taste exactly the same way when placed over the grill, all without the hassle of having it fall into the fire.

The Steel Grill Fry Pan measures 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches high, ensuring there’s enough room to cook a load for a full meal.  It’s constructed from rugged stainless steel, so trust that it will survive your  rowdy backyard cookouts.  Aside from the perforations, it comes with a detachable handle, so you can remove it when leaving the pan in the grill (unless you’re into second-degree burns and such).

The perforations are small enough that it should hold most any type of food you plan to put in a grill.  Unless, that is, you stumble upon a genius recipe to grill nothing but tiny seeds and decide to try it.  And when you’d rather have a pasta dinner, this thing should make for a functional colander, too.

You can get the Steel Grill Fry Pan from Williams-Sonoma, priced at $39.95.

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