Steelcase Gesture Chair Supports Texting And Other Modern Postures


With the advent of touchscreens and cellphones, the world requires a new office chair — one designed to be as ergonomic when using mobile gadgets as they are when you’re leaning into your desk typing a 10-page report.  The Steelcase Gesture Chair will do just that.

A purpose-designed piece of office furniture, it’s built to support nine postures that have been identified in a global study that looked at the ideal postures for people who interact with modern technology.  From hunching over when texting to typing on a laptop while answering a call to reading a report on your iPad, the chair is optimized to help you transition from one to the other without strain on the body.

The Steelcase Gesture Chair features a backrest and a seat that move together as a synchronized system, adjusting in unison as the user shifts position to provide continuous support.  The chair’s spine mimics your backbone, too, curling forward and backward to follow your torso’z movement.  Articulation isn’t restricted to the backrest and seat either — the arm rests move, too, supporting your arms efficiently, regardless of whether you’re resting your arms to talk on the phone, read on a tablet or text while leaning onto one side.  Completing the body support, the seat comes with flexible edges, as well, enabling it to support body weight even as you lean forward to peek at the ruckus going on at the next cubicle.

No pricing is listed, but the Steelcase Gesture Chair will be available starting this Fall.

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