SteelSeries Shift Lets You Swap Entire Keysets For Improved Gaming Results

The SteelSeries Shift is a gaming keyboard that takes customization a whole other level.  Instead of just having you program keys, it allows you to replace the entire keyset with one designed for whatever game you’re burning the midnight oil with.

In case that functionality sounds familiar, that’s because the new gaming peripheral is a follow-up to the Zboard from a few years ago.  Design looks sleek, with the keysets folding into three modules for easy removal and installation.

Even if you decide not to change up the keysets, every single button on the SteelSeries Shift is programmable (including 3-layer of on-the-fly macros for the buttons at the top), allowing you to configure it to best support your PC habits.     It’s got non-removable media keys right by the left edge, along with two built-in USB slots and audio I/O ports.  The peripheral can be positioned at three height levels, has extra-wide feet for better stability and includes a detachable wrist rest with rubber inserts for no-slip gameplay – even with your heavy sweating and all.

Of course, the fun here is in changing the keysets to improve your in-game performance.  They offer a wide range of game-specific replacements, including titles such as Aion, Battlefield 1942, Doom 3, StarCraft 2, Medal of Honor and World of Warcraft.  Some of the keysets are also backward-compatible with the Zboard, in case you’re still unsure whether it’s time to upgrade.  SteelSeries claims they designed every keyset in conjunction with game publishers and expert players to ensure a more intuitive setup.

Each unit of the SteelSeries Shift comes with the standard QWERTY keyset, priced at $89.99.  Individual gaming keysets are sold separately for $24.99 apiece.

[SteelSeries via EverythingUSB]