Step Back 3 Arcade Basketball Comes With Three Point Area

Even gamers need exercise.  And, please, a run on the treadmill just doesn’t bring the challenging gameplay to keep someone who stares at virtual worlds all day interested.  The solution?  Play hoops with the Step Back 3, an arcade basketball-shooting game with an integrated three-point area.

Manufactured by Sportcraft, the arcade rig uses a roll out mat with installed electronics for detecting the distance you’re shooting from. Yes, just like the same mat you used to perform fancy footwork on, back when Dance Dance Revolution was your favorite video game.   Except here, you step back behind the arc for an automatic three or inch closer to the paint for an easy two.

The Step Back 3 is a two-person basketball game, similar to those Pop-A-Shots you’ve probably seen in arcades for years.   Designed for home use, it can fold to a compact  43 x 37.5 inches when not in use and assemble into an 84 x 44 x 84 inch “half-court” for playing.  It has a tubular steel frame, with two hoops and electronic readout for keeping track of both the time remaining and running scores.

Eight different games for one to four players are built in, including head-to-head and battles against the clock, making for a whole heap of entertainment options right in your home.   It comes with four 7-inch diameter basketballs, along with an air pump and a needle.  You’ll need a room with a minimum 8-feet ceiling to shoot those balls comfortably, though.

Sportcraft’s Step Back 3, a home basketball arcade game with three-point detection, is available now for $149.99.

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