StickNFind Stickers Let You Find Lost Things Using Bluetooth

Hoarding useful stuff is cool in our books.  The trouble is finding all those little items in the house right when you want them.  And don’t even get me started on those darn keys, that Unifold Wallet and the ever-disappearing Magic Wand remote. If you want a lot of stuff, you need to spend a good chunk of time everyday looking for them.  Yeah, it ain’t pretty.  Break the vicious cycle with the Stick-N-Find.

You know how you can use your phone’s various wireless radios to find it from a software interface?  This works the same way.  Basically, it lets you add a Bluetooth radio to anything you want, so when it comes time to retrieve it, all you have to do is pull up the app and see exactly where all your items are.

While it won’t quite allow you to locate the wallet you absent-mindedly left in the cab, the Stick-N-Find can help you turn up items within your immediate surroundings.  Armed with an embedded Bluetooth chip, you can literally locate stuff within your vicinity in a matter of seconds (as far as the Bluetooth signal will reach, of course — usually within a 100 feet).  Tired of losing your keys?  Stick one of these to your key fob and save yourself from panicking five minutes before you need to leave the house.  Your cat likes sneaking out of the house into the neighbor’s roof?  Stick one of these to his collar and give yourself an easy way to find them during the course of the day.

To use, just slap the quarter-sized contraption with adhesive backing onto any object you want to find quickly, input details into the app and never let your early-onset memory loss deter you from finding your stuff again.  Aside from quickly finding your things, the app can also be used to alert you when items you tagged are at a specific distance away (like when your cat is leaving the house or when your luggage is less than 15 feet away) or when your wife is back home from work so you can pretend to fix the sink like you promised (tag her car, though — putting a sticker on her will probably be too obvious).  Oh yeah, it has an onboard battery that lasts for a year, so make sure to replace stickers every 12 months.

The Stick-N-Find Stickers have recently reached their funding goals on Indiegogo.  You can still get in on the first run for $35 (2 stickers).  Products ship March 2013.

Update 1/9/2013: We catch up with Buchheim James from SSI for a quick hands-on demo of the Bluetooth stickers in action. Check out the newly added photos and video below.


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