Stickers Deluxe Features Five Decades Of Adhesive Art Culture

Stickers and street culture have gone hand in hand for decades.  Stickers Deluxe: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art, a special-edition hardcover book, documents that relationship, covering the highlights of the medium from the 60s to the present.

Authored by DB Burkeman (DJ), Monica Locascio, Shepard Fairey (the guy behind the Obama “Hope” posters) and Carlo McCormick (Paper Magazine’s senior editor), it isn’t just a picture book filled with photographs of the most gorgeous adhesive graphics of recent times.  Instead, it offers an account of the medium’s history, along with its relationship to street artists and pedestrians alike.  Aside from traditional stickers, unfamiliar mediums are covered too, including wheatpastes, tiles and, basically, anything stuck with adhesive.

Stickers Deluxe showcases 4,000 of the greatest sticker art ever made, starting with Andy Warhol’s banana sticker for Velvet Underground from 1966, all arranged according to categories and themes.  A wide variety of creations are included, including ones from Banksy, Jenny Holzer, Barry McGee and Neck Face, along with anonymous pieces that made their marks in metropolitan cities.

The hardcover spans 300 pages, filled with images culled from street cultures, music scenes, DIY movements and controversial politics.   Packaged in a large clamshell box measuring 14.9 x 12.4 x 2.3 inches, it includes 23 large, original die-cut stickers (some of them signed by the artists) that you can stick onto your favorite belongings.

Stickers Deluxe: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art is now available priced at $158.  A sticker exhibition based on the book’s format will be on tour beginning 2011.
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