StickQuik Lets You Mount Your Tools Quickly To Any Surface


When working on any project, keeping your tools nearby can always save a lot of precious time. And while you can always set them down on whatever flat surface is nearby, having them mounted upright on a vertical panel just makes them quicker to find and easier to get. That’s exactly what the StickQuik brings to your arsenal.

A simple loop with a magnet on one side, you can place it on the handle of any tool, allowing you to snap the tool on and off any ferromagnetic metallic surface. That way, you can simply snap the tools you need on the hood of a car, the side wall of a toolbox, or any other nearby metal that adheres to magnets, allowing you to mount them nearby where they can easily be seen and grabbed as needed.


The StickQuik is a set of silicone loops in three different sizes, each one containing a magnet for snapping onto a metal surface. The smallest measures three-eighth of an inch in diameter, the middle unit measures half an inch in diameter, and the largest is three-quarters of an inch, allowing you to find the right size to fit different sizes of tools. Since larger loops will hold heavier tools, they come equipped with more powerful magnets, so no worries about having this slip off because the magnet can’t handle the weight. According to the outfit, the small and medium loops can hold up to two pounds, while the large loop can carry tools up to three pounds in weight.

That means, you can use this to hold, pretty much, any type of hand tool you’re likely to use when working on your car or fixing stuff around the house, making it very useful for folks who like to make their own repairs. Do note, it’s not just relegated to people who fix stuff, as the loops can be used in the office (for holding pens, markers, and laser pointers), kitchen (for holding spatulas, ladles, and other utensils), and other areas of the house (for holding cleaning tools, gardening tools, and more).


Of course, having a magnetic mount means the StickQuik needs a ferrous metal surface in order to adhere to anything. Since that won’t be available everywhere you may want to use it, each loop comes with a small metal plate with adhesive backing (it uses 3M adhesive foam tape) that you can snap onto wood, tiles, and other surfaces, instantly turning them into ferromagnetic surfaces that the loops can readily snap onto. That way, you can mount your cooking utensils on the wall right behind the stove, your grilling instruments on the edge of the outdoor table, and your gardening tools right on the walls of your garden tower. Convenient.


According to the outfit, the silicone they use is UV- and chemical-resistant, so you should experience no problem using them in the field. They’re also dishwasher-safe, in case you need to clean them up after they get a little greasy or grimy from holding dirty tools. Each set of the product includes six loops and six metal plates, with the loops coming with two units of each size.

Want one? The StickQuik is available now.

StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set (Black)
  • Includes six magnetic tool organizations bands, two of each size: 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" and six 1" D...