A Stihl Battery-Powered Chainsaw For Eco-Friendly Leatherface Clones

Chainsaw killers can care about the environment, too.  And if you’re the eco-friendly type of limb-dismembering psychopath, the Stihl MSA 160C Chainsaw is the murder weapon to throw into your secret serial killer lair.

Instead of guzzling gas like Leatherface’s power saw, this modern alternative uses an onboard lithium-ion battery for juice.  That way, you can enjoy cord-free hacking and slashing without all the nasty emission of burning fuel.  Hey, if the earth dies, you won’t have anyone to kill anymore, so you don’t want any part of that.

The Stihl MSA 160C Chainsaw uses a 36-volt rechargeable battery, which will have the saw spinning at full speed until fully depleted (no gradual drop in performance).  You get a choice of two modules: AP 80 (which lasts for 35 minutes of use) and AP 160 (which will get you a full hour of runtime).

Since it’s battery-powered, the chainsaw should prove quieter than conventional gas-powered units, allowing you to carry out your evil chainsaw killer deeds even more effectively.  Features include a lightweight design, low vibration, a tool-less chain adjuster and a foot-long guide bar.  It requires no engine and filter maintenance, but you’ll have to wash the blood off the blades unless you want the police to find evidence against you.

Real eco-friendly serial killers, of course, will opt for a power-less Pocket Chainsaw for all their body-cutting needs.  But that thing will be impossible to use when going on a GTA-style rampage mode, which is just no fun.  You need a real chainsaw for that and the Stihl MSA 160C Chainsaw sounds about right.  Price starts at $350.

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