Joystick-Operated Stik Boat Offers Supreme Stability For Recreational Fishing


Different people prefer different types of boats for recreational fishing. If you want something stable and quiet that’s also able to enter the shallowest water, you’ll definitely want to look at the Stik Boat.

Billed as a “personal fishing craft,” the boat combines elements of kayaks, skiffs, and bass boats then finishes it off with electric propulsion and a streamlined hull. The result is a boat that will ride quietly, go anywhere, and support your standing posture any spot on the deck, ensuring a satisfying fishing experience.


The Stik Boat is a single-person fishing boat with a roomy deck, giving you plenty of space to move around whether you’re casting bait, waiting for a bite, or reeling in a big catch. It’s also big enough to accommodate a two-seat layout, in case you’d rather fish with a companion. Measuring 12 x 3.3 feet (length x width), it boasts a length-to-width ratio that’s been tested and optimized for maximum stability, with a profile that’s narrow enough to provide little resistance when slicing through the water while being wide enough to give the angler plenty of side-to-side stability. A streamlined hull allows it to carve smoothly through turns, all while directing all displaced water to the sides, allowing you to stay dry all throughout the ride.

It’s powered by a four-stroke 17.5-horsepower jet propulsion engine that’s installed right behind the seat in a lowered position to center the mass of the boat, helping to keep it steady even as you reel in the most frantic catch. This engine allows it to reach top speeds of up to 27 mph, while running with relatively quieter sound compared to traditional boat engines. Propulsion features include a closed cooling system that back flushes the water to keep it off the engine, dual-heating sensors that trigger immediate shutdown when it exceeds safe heat levels, and a 3.7-gallon fuel tank that allows it to cover up to 40 miles of water.


The Stik Boat can be operated using a single joystick control, from which its name is derived, allowing you to maneuver it with utmost ease, along with an electric start that immediately turns on the engine with the single push of a button. It can also float in just three inches of water when empty, all while requiring just four to six inches to plane, depending on the load. This ability to ride over shallow water makes it easy to launch the boat from shore, making it extremely convenient whether you’re fishing in a river, a lake, or the local public beach.


A load capacity of 350 pounds allows you to bring a large cooler onboard, whether for chilling a batch of your favorite suds or holding all the fish you catch during your time in the water. Construction is gel-coated fiberglass for the exterior parts of the hull, with rigid EPS foam inside providing the necessary insulation while keeping things lightweight. Other features include an adjustable ride plate below the jet nozzle (for customizing the bow angle and trim), a storage compartment under the deck, foot braces, and strategically-mounted handles along the edges.

The Stik Boat is available now.

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