Stikbox Is A Smartphone Case With An Integrated Fold-Out Selfie Stick


Like other selfie sticks, the Stikbox is an annoying contraption that you can use to take selfies from a comfortable distance. Unlike them, it collapses right into the back of a smartphone case, so you don’t have to walk around with a selfie stick in hand and get deriding looks everywhere you turn.

A smartphone case with an integrated folding selfie stick, this clever accessory lets you enjoy the benefits of the quintessential selfie tool without any of the hassles. Any time the opportunity for a self-shot arises, simply take the phone of your pocket, deploy the stick from the case, and you’re set. After shooting, simply fold it back into place and pop the whole thing back in your pocket once again.


The Stikbox case measures 17mm thick, so it doesn’t add all that much size to your smartphone’s dimensions. It uses multiple aluminum slats for the selfie stick’s shaft, which can fold out and extend into a full-length arm for taking self-shot pictures at a more flattering distance. Based on the demonstration video, the prototypes actually work really well, with the collapsible design holding up competently with traditional selfie stick use. The current version, by the way, will only come in two variants: one for the iPhone 6/6S and one for the iPhone 6/6S Plus. While they will be expanding to support other devices, it will likely take a bit of time, since these inaugural models are currently crowdfunding.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Stikbox. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £19.

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