Stikwood Turns Boring Walls Into Fancy Wooden Walls

You live in a house that’s more accurately described as a cement box.  Nothing wrong with that.  Except you fancy yourself a rugged outdoorsman and want to wake up to the sight of wood lining up your walls.  Apparently, you’re a rugged outdoorsman who’s weird about your interiors.  Nothing wrong with that.  Instead of rebuilding your walls with slats of wood, maybe you can settle for Stikwood instead.

A peel and stick wood decor, it can turn any wall of your home into a wooden structure.  That way, you can make your bedroom look like a cabin, your kitchen look like it was built from reclaimed oak barrels, and your living room look like a themed Asian bamboo installation.  Or something like that.

Unlike decals or wallpaper that deck your walls with wood prints, Stikwood uses real wood planks of varying thicknesses.  That means, if people touch it, they’ll feel real wood, so you can pretend your whole abode is built from wood and confuse guests who saw nothing but bricks and stones outside.  They offer a whole host of wood types and finishes, so there’s bound to be one that works well with what you have in mind for your redecorating.

For installation, they require a clean, dry, and structurally sound wall that’s either primed or painted.  If you have that covered, just peel the back of each plank and stick them onto the surfaces.  Do note, this is intended as a permanent installation.  While you can pry off the planks with a glowbar if you realize turning your bedroom into a lakeside cabin is a bad idea, the wall is likely to need minor repairs afterwards.

Stikwood is available in sets that cover either 10, 20 or 40 feet of wall area.  Prices start at $130.

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