Celebrate Ducati’s History In Pictures With This New Hardcover Volume


Ducati is not alone in making fast, powerful motorcycles. Few marques, however, have made bikes that look as good as they perform. A new photographic volume, Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design, celebrates the striking aesthetics that marked the outfit’s creations through the years.

Exploring the entire evolution of Ducati design, the book traces the brand’s history by putting the focus on 19 iconic products from the brand. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the brand, a gearhead with nothing but motorcycles in your mind, or just a geek who obsesses over design books, this thing should have plenty of content to keep you satisfied.

Over 240 pages, Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design starts its coverage from the original Cucciolo engine (you know, the clip-on ones used for motorized bicycles) to the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario released for this year’s 90th anniversary. Each of the 19 products get a chapter each, where they’re explored in detail using photographs from Giovanni De Sandre, along with text providing details on the bike, key aspects of its design, and its context in the company’s history. It comes with 150 full-color images, so those who prefer to stare at the coffee table books instead of actually read lines of text will have plenty to enjoy.

Available now, Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design is priced at $90.

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