Still Searching For The Perfect Pair Of Glasses? Try Indivijual Custom Eyewear


Sometimes, you walk in to an optical store and stumble upon the perfect pair of glasses.  Other times, you just make do with what you can get.  Indivijual Custom Eyewear puts an end to the uncertainty, sculpting original frames tailored to your individual features and personalized tastes.

Hand-crafted to the utmost detail, each frame is built specifically for the customer ordering it.  You want a shade that complements your skin tone?   Suits the shape of your face?  Perfectly-sized for your features?  Will make you look like George Clooney?  Maybe not the last one, but most reasonable requests should be fine.


The company uses cellulose acetate organic plastic for the actual frames, along with German-made parts.  You get to choose your own colors, designs and any other special feature that you fancy, even ones not available in conventional retail eyewear.  Each step in the creation process is carefully managed, checking on you for approval before proceeding.


Consummate in their process, Indivijual will go to great lengths to ensure ultimate customized eyewear.  They’ll take detailed measurements of your face, even build a mold of your nose to ensure perfect fit (my brother’s chubby, flat nose may have hope, yet).  Ever had an idea for a pair of specs that you simply can’t find?  Chances are, they are your best bet for seeing it happen.

Each pair of prescription frames or sunglasses from Indivijual Custom Eyewear costs $595 (though special requests may add a small bit).  A deposit of $100 is required upon placing the order, with the balance payable after delivery.

[Indivijual via Cool Hunting]