A Replaceable Steel Face Should Let The TiBone TBII-15 Titanium Hammer Last A Whole Lot Longer


Fixing stuff around the house? Never easy. That’s why you need tools that can ease the job. If you do a lot of hammering, pounding, and similar tasks, you might want to switch whatever hammer you’re using with the Stilleto TiBone TBII-15.

Weighing just 15 ounces, it’s as lightweight as a heavy-duty hammer can get, all while driving nails with the same force as a 28-ounce steel hammer. That means, you can get the same job done while expending less effort, making whatever carpentry, woodworking, or DIY repair project you’re undertaking just a little bit easier.

The Stilleto TiBone TBII-15 manages to shed the weight by using titanium both for the handle and the head in place of traditional steel, giving it the added benefit of minimal vibration. According to Stilleto, this translates to 10 times less shock on impact, which should make driving nails a whole lot let of a chore. Since titanium is expensive, you want to make it last, so they opted to use milled steel for the face. This face is completely replaceable, so once it wears, you simply buy another face and slap it into your lightweight titanium hammer, which should make it good as new.

Features include a curved axe-style handle, black rubber grip, a magnetic nail starter, and a new side nail puller that can pry 16p nails out with a single 180-degree motion. It measures 18 x 6.25 x 1.5 inches (l x w x d).

Available now, the Stilleto TiBone TBII-15 is priced at $263.

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