Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Multi-Tool Bundles All Your Grilling Essentials In One Handheld Tool


You don’t mind having a multitude of grilling tools on hand during barbecue weekends. That’s why you got one of those Grill Sergeant Aprons, after all. But if you’d rather do without the hassle of multiple tools hanging all over your body, you might want to pick up the Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Multi-Tool.

Made by TNK, it’s a multi-tool that combines seven of the most common tools you’re going to need when working the backyard grill. That way, you can ditch the tactical apron to hang and slot a plethora of tools, carrying just a single item on hand to be ready for everything that happens during cooking.


The Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Multi-Tool contains the holy grilling triumvirate of tongs, fork, and spatula, so you can lay down meat on the grates, flip them, and lift them out after cooking is done. There’s also a launch control release on the fork for easily sliding out meat from the prongs by simply closing the tool, with a separate set of toothed tongs to deliver a firmer grip. Rounding out the tool set is a bottle opener at the lower handle and a tool lock to keep everything shut. All of the tools, by the way, can be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to carry a bottle of beer you can sip while finishing up that batch of steaks. Construction is stainless steel, with rubber pads on the handle for a better, more ergonomic grip.


Available now, the Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Multi-Tool is priced at $29.99.

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