Stirio Auto-Stirring Tool Gets Updated With Adjustable Blade, Quieter Motor, And Longer Battery Life


When it first launched last year, the Stirio created quite the buzz, with its ability to constantly stir the stew cooking in your Flare Pots, while you kept yourself busy frying the fish, setting the table, or watching TV.   This year, Unikia upgraded the Stirio with an adjustable blade that can work with any size of pot.

Rather than use different blades depending on the size of the cookware, you simply extend the blade’s width, so it can properly sift through the contents of the dish. With fewer detachable parts, there’s less items to lose, so it will always be ready to stir through any dish, whether you’re making gravy on a small pot, preparing beef and vegetable chili for two, or cooking lamb tagine for a large dinner party.


Aside from the adjustable blade, the new Stirio also boasts a quieter electric motor for enjoying more peaceful time in the kitchen (well, all the mess aside), along with a higher capacity battery that can provide up to an hour of stirring time before requiring a recharge. All the nice features from the previous version remain intact, including the adjustable arm width (for clamping onto pots between 15 and 25 cm wide), adjustable blade height (for diving into pots between 7.5 and 18 cm deep), and its ability to play nice with nonstick surface materials. For cleaning, simply take apart the different components, put the motor aside and dump everything else in the dishwasher. Easy.


Available now, the new Stirio retails for €49.95.

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