Stitchagram Prints Your Instagram Pics On A Pillow

Every picture you take on your phone goes on Instagram.  And you spend an inordinate amount of time staring at your digitally-filtered snapshots.  And now, you can stare at them even while you lay your head with Stitchagram, custom throw pillows decked in your favorite Instagram pictures.

A maximum 25 photos from your Instagram feed can be printed out in one side of each throw pillow cover, with the other side decked in a dark navy color.  The rest of the throw pillow is pretty standard — linen canvas cover, 15 inches (l x w), envelope-style closure, and a fluffy insert.

But what if you want Rick Ross’ ostentatious display of wealth splayed across your Stitchagram, instead of photo-filtered snapshots of your very normal life?  Well, you can’t.  Unless you ask Rick Ross for permission (done via the service) and he agrees.   To which he probably won’t.  Of course, you can always steal the dude’s pictures and upload them to your own Instagram.  Which is what I’m going to do as soon as I get off this computer. Hey, it shouldn’t be that hard.

If you have a theme in mind, all you have to do is take snaps on your phone, upload to Instagram, and order a pillow printed with those images.  Or steal from other people’s Instagram, upload to your account and order a pillow printed with those images. And tell your friends they’re all yours (yes, mom, that gold-rimmed, diamond-studded sunglasses with Bawse etched on it is actually mine).

Stitchagram currently has a spring sale going on, so you can grab each pillow for $64 (normally $94.50).

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