STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light Has A Flexible Neck That You Can Orient In Any Direction

We’ll be honest. We didn’t know what to make of the STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light when we first saw it. It’s an unusual design that just looks weird. However, once we got wise to how it worked, we were impressed, as that unusual head allows for truly versatile function that lets you use it in a number of ways.

Equipped with a flexible neck, the actual business end of the device can be oriented to face any direction within a 180-degree angle. That means, you can grip it like a flashlight and bend the neck upwards to illuminate the space right in front of you. You know, like a regular flashlight. It’s also compact enough to fit in most pockets while gripping snugly in hand, making it a viable replacement to your EDC flashlight.

The STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light is, of course, designed to serve more than pocket flashlight duties. The butt end of the body, for instance, has a magnetic base that you can use to snap it onto ferromagnetic surfaces, while a hanging hook on that same end lets you hang it onto objects. Once mounted on an elevated beam or surface, simply orient the neck to have the light face in your desired direction, making it useful as a camp light or task light in a pinch. This allows for nearly unlimited ways to mount the light while still being able to shine its illumination on any area where you need light.

The head, by the way, comes with a CREE LED in the middle, surrounded by SMD LEDs around it, with the middle LED producing a strong spotlight and the surrounding LED shining a dispersed floodlight, so you get dual light output. It can shine a maximum of 650 lumens, so it offers a good amount of illumination, with four light modes. From what we can tell, the light modes should be floodlight only, spotlight only, both, and a red light option that should be useful when making your way around the dark. Both flashlight and floodlight are individually dimmable, too, making this extremely versatile for a whole load of uses.

Since the STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light is a little longer than typical pocket flashlights because of the flexible neck, they added a double-hinge clip on the body, allowing you to clip it to a shirt pocket or a belt for more convenient carrying options. According to the outfit, the addition of a second hinge makes it possible to clip it to much thicker objects than flashlights can normally clip into.

It powers using a 3350mAh battery, although there’s no listing on how long it can run between charges. Given that it’s pretty bright, best make sure to bring a power bank along whenever you go out to use it. Other features include a fast-charging USB-C port, a single control button on the side that lets you cycle through the light modes and brightness settings, and a LED fuel gauge on the side of the body, so you know exactly when you need to start getting stingy with the brightness.

The STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light is available now.

STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light 6.5-650 Lumen...
  • Flexible neck with 180° of rotation