Stock Car Racing Simulator Boasts Platform Mechanics, Race-Equipped Cockpit

Just when you thought your Playseat F1 Simulator was realistic enough, something totally makes it lame again.  While the Stock Car Racing Simulator doesn’t try to make you feel like Schumacher, it does bring the beauty of NASCAR right into your parent’s basement (or garage or wherever they let your underachieving adult ass stay these days).

Billed as a “most realistic stock car racing experience available,” this state-of-the-art simulator doesn’t just give you a large screen, a steering wheel and a pedal.  Instead, it moves using the same platform mechanics they use in racing museums (the hardware is there under the cabin), so the entire thing rolls and pitches according to what’s actually happening in the track.

While it’s not quite a full-sized car (maybe an even more cramped T25 Minicar?), the Stock Car Racing Simulator is big for a toy, so make sure to clear enough space in whatever room of the house it’s going in.  Not only will it reproduce driving motions such as turning a corner or moving up a bank, it will even get jacked up and down during tire changes.

In order to faithfully recreate the stock car experience, the cockpit is housed inside a fully-decaled fiberglass shell,  complete with a  steel frame roll cage and netted windows.  Inside, you get a fluid-dampened steering wheel, a pair of paddle gear shifters, aluminum pedals (brake, accelerator, clutch) and a padded racing seat for realistic play.  A computer is integrated into the setup, along with a 22-inch widescreen LCD and 5.1-channel surround sound speakers.  Pre-installed software is ARCA Sim Racing, although it should play nice with any of your favorite PC racing games (yes, even that Barbie racing you pretend not to play with).

The Stock Car Racing Simulator is available now, priced at $60,000.

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