Storage Containers Designed As Lego Parts

Plastic containers are awesome for organizing your stuff.  These new Lego Storage Boxes, however, take the awesomeness to another level, giving you functional containers dressed up like giant interlocking bricks.

Exclusively available from UK-based Store, the storage solutions are officially licensed Lego products.  As such, they look exactly like the classic construction toys, making them an ideal clutter-organizing option for Lego fans of all ages.

Available in medium (four knobs) and large (eight knobs) bricks, as well as a giant minifig head, the Lego Storage Containers can be stacked and connected to form a variety of figures, allowing you to build that giant Lego castle you always dreamed of as a child.  Or that giant Lego man with his head on his ass you always wanted as an imaginary friend.

The medium brick measures 18 x 25 x 25 cm, while the large one features 18 x 50 x 25 cm dimensions.  Each brick’s top half (with the knobs) acts as the box cover, while the bottom part (with the plugs that can fit in the knobs) works as the actual storage space.    The giant yellow head measures 28 cm tall and 24 cm across, with a removable top knob for storage purposes.

You can get the Lego Storage Containers from Store’s online shop in a variety of playful colors.  Prices are £26 for the large, £17 for the medium and £20 for the head.

[thanks A Place For Everything]