Storage Soles Shoe Insoles Come With Secret Compartments For Discreet Storage


Yes, you can hide cash, keys, and other small items in your socks. Problem is, carrying stuff between your skin and a piece of fabric just isn’t the most comfortable. If you’re on the search for something better, you may want to check out the Storage Soles.

A shoe insole, it comes with a built-in storage compartment, where you can easily hide small items without incurring any additional discomfort. Want to use it to carry spare cash when traveling? That will work. How about stashing spare keys for those times you forget your key fob at home? Yep, it will do. Basically, if there’s anything you want to carry, but would rather not dump in your pockets, this thing should make for a viable place to keep them.


The Storage Sole is an erstwhile normal insole made with polyurethane foam, so it should have the right mix of softness and rigidity to properly support your feet. Unlike traditional insoles, it’s much thicker at the back foot, allowing them to add a rectangular-sized carving in it, where they placed a small storage box. At 2.6 x 1.4 x 0.125 inches (length x width x depth), the box doesn’t look like it’s actually big enough to carry IDs and credit cards, but it should serve as a suitable compartment for keys, spare cash, and other small items. And yes, the hard plastic box is strong enough that will not break or crack no matter how hard you walk or run while it sits flush in the insole. The actual box is removable, too, so you can just pull out if you want access to the contents without having to take off your shoes for an extended amount of time.


The insole is made for size 12 shoes, although it comes with integrated guidelines, so you can easily cut it down to fit in smaller shoes up to a size eight. The thick back foot also means it should make you look just a little bit taller, which should make for a nice side benefit.

The Storage Soles are available in pairs.