Story Is A Sofa With A Bunch Of Hidden Talents

So, your bed turns into a sofa.  Whoopee.  Your dining table has its own sink?  Congratulations.  But what is you wanted to add another space saving furniture item in your already awesome apartment?Well, you might want to look at the Story, a sofa that doubles and triples as a host of other home furniture.

A project study by Fanny Adam from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), it’s a sofa built specifically for tiny urban dwellings.   As a seating furniture, it should seat three people comfortably — perfect for enjoying a torrented Bluray movie with your equally cash-strapped friends.

More than a sofa, however, the Story integrates a number of additions that make it a heck of a lot more versatile than your standard couch.  For one, it has a pair of drawers at the bottom, giving you extra space to keep your clothes, valuables and gear easily accessible.    It also folds out into a two-person bed, so even without a proper bedroom, your studio can offer a place to both chill and sleep comfortably in.  In bed mode, it even comes with a pair of mini-tables (one on each side), which you can use to hold your small items when you hit the pillow.  On the backside of the furniture (attached to the top of the backrest) sits  a counter-style tabletop, which you can use as either a work desk or a space for eating.  Just add a couple of high stools, though, since that part didn’t get integrated into the design.  It uses Formica laminate for the backrest, headboard, armrests and drawers.

The sad part?  For now, Story is only a one-off.  The design is pretty awesome, though, so we’d definitely like to see this produced for commercial retail.

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