Stove In A Can Is As Portable As Stoves Can Get

There’s no shortage of portable cooking rigs for whipping up hot meals when you’re out in the wild.  From backpack grills to mini-ovens, the last few years have brought us plenty to choose from.  When it comes to simplicity and affordability though, this Stove in a Can will give any of those other contraptions a run for their money.

The name says it all.  It’s a portable stove housed inside a small can, just like a contained campfire.  And it blows a mean flame too able to boil water for your outdoor hydration needs in as little as five minutes.

Measuring the exact same size as a half-gallon can, Stove in a Can is a fully-functional cooking platform that can cook most any item you’ll normally prepare on a regular stove.  If you prefer to roast franks and marshmallows, it works for that purpose too making for one compact but versatile appliance to handle all your outdoor cooking needs.  The level of heat can be adjusted between cooking sessions as well, so you don’t have to be stuck with a huge fire when you only want to lightly heat cold food.

While small, the top frame can hold as much as 300 pounds on top of it so you can cook a family-sized meal with no problems whatsoever.  It uses small round pucks (which you can buy separately) for fuel, each of which can last for over 1 hour of cooking.  The pucks (called “fuel cells”) are waterproof, non-explosive and non-perishable, so you can stock it as long as you want without worry of either degradation or accidental fires.

One of the biggest problems with portable cooking rigs is just how expensive they are.  Not with Stove in a Can, which is currently available from Amazon, priced at $34.99 for a starter set that includes one stove, four fuel cells and a box of waterproof matches.