These Armchairs From Stow Fitness Hide A Mini-Gym Inside


It looks like any armchair you’ll find in most every living room around the neighborhood. Except, the Stow Fitness Chair hides full-size exercise equipment in its integrated drawer, allowing you to convert the living room into a functional home gym in a jiffy.

Measuring 46 x 38 inches (width x depth), the furniture is around the same size as traditional living room armchairs, so it won’t look too out of place next to any sofa, lounge chair, or recliner you currently have.  Simply put, there’s no way anyone will suspect it’s hiding fitness equipment inside, ensuring you get access to a gym at home without the accompanying mess.


The Stow Fitness Chair comes with two options in workout equipment: a spin bike and an adjustable weight bench. Both collapse flat inside the slide-out drawer, all while quickly folding out upright when it’s time do your workouts. The spin bike has a 40-pound flywheel with adjustable resistance, adjustable handlebars and seat, and app-based cadence tracking, while the bench comes 90-pounds of weight plates, two dumbbells, and a kettlebell.


Both are designed to collapse and unfold in just 30 seconds, with a locking mechanism holding it in place both when stowed away and when in use. The chair, by the way, comes with solid wooden feet, with four color options for the commercial-grade upholstery, namely forge, walnut, sisal, and sprout.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Stow Fitness Chair. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $1,099.

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