Stowaway Adds Storage Space Under Your Bathtub

Need more storage space in a bathroom that’s already cramped?  Install it in otherwise wasted space with Stowaway, a bath panel storage system that takes advantage of the empty area surrounding your bathtub.

Created by UK-based GW International, the clever assembly looks no more special than a boxy shell for your tub.  Pull down the recessed handles on the top edge of each panel, though, and it opens up to a line of chrome baskets that you can use to hide toiletries, bath supplies and other bathroom items.

The Stowaway can fit around most conventional bath tubs, equipping up to three sides with pull-down storage units.  Installed basket racks are sized to fit most types of bottles for products like shampoo and bathroom cleaning agents, giving you an out-of-sight area to keep unsightly containers.

Side and end panels are available separately, with the former measuring 1700 mm x 500 mm and the latter measuring 700 mm x 510 mm.  In case your bathtub is higher  than the measurements, the company says it can be extended by adding a skirting board to the bottom. If the boards are too long or too wide, though, some custom-cutting will be required to fit (no details on how to do this, however). Each one comes in a high-gloss white finish to match most common bathtub designs.

Originally exhibited at the kbb Birmingham last March, the Stowaway was reportedly one of the bigger hits during the show.   It’s going on retail beginning September 1st, with the longer side panels selling for £123.10 and the end panels going for £73.75.

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