StowCo Cooler Looks Like A Laptop Case While Keeping Drinks Chilled For Five Hours


It looks like a laptop case. Or a plastic briefcase of some sort. Heck, you can even pass it off as a lunchbox. The StowCo Cooler, however, is an insulated container designed to keep your drinks chilled on the go.

No, it’s not a traditional cooler that you’ll fill up with ice to chill and hold your drinks. Instead, it’s meant to hold drinks that you’ve previously chilled in the fridge or freezer, as its insulated walls can keep them chilled for far longer, allowing you to bring cold drinks to your destination without having to carry a full-fledged cooler.


The StowCo Cooler is a slim briefcase-style container sized to hold up to six regular-sized beer bottles, 10 standard-sized cans, or three wine bottles. Since there’s no room inside for ice, you’ll need to pre-chill your drinks before stashing them here, so make sure the drinks are ice cold if you want them to stay chilled for the next few hours. According to the outfit, it can keep drinks chilled for up to five hours, although the actual length of time will depend on how cold the drinks are when you place them inside.  That makes it perfect for bringing drinks along to picnics, day hikes, and other activities where you’re likely to consume them within a few hours.

It keeps drinks at a chilled temperature by using closed cell foam insulation on both sides of the clamshell design, along with a cold-retaining zipper, allowing it to trap cold air for extended periods. Inside, it comes lined with a smooth and waterproof TPU material, so any moisture from the cold drinks should stay inside. That means, you should be able to drop this inside your backpack without having to worry about getting the rest of your gear wet. Do note, while it will keep moisture from dripping out, you can’t use it like a regular cooler (with ice and all), since the zippers aren’t waterproof (they can handle moisture, but not a veritable pool of water), which means cold water is likely to leak out as soon as the ice melts.


The StowCoCooler has a shell made from molded EVA, which should provide decent-enough protection to keep bottles from being damaged during transport. A strap handle on one side of the case allows you to carry it like a briefcase. Beware, though, the handle is installed on the opposite side of how the bag opens, so if you pick it up by the handle without closing the zipper opening, all the contents will likely hit the floor (and, if they’re bottles, will likely break).


Because it looks like a laptop case, this container makes for a great way to carry alcoholic beverages on the sly, all while keeping them chilled for the next few hours, allowing you to enjoy your favorite libations cold without the need for a full-fledged cooler. It’s also easy to clean, requiring just a wipe down with a cloth for the both the outer shell and the inner lining.

The StowCoCooler is available now.

StowCo Small Portable Travel Cooler Bag. Beach...
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing just 0.68 kilograms, this cooler bag is easy to carry around.