Strattec Bolt Lock Learns To Work With Your Car Key

Don’t have enough space in your key ring for all the locks you use throughout the week?  Not a problem with the Bolt Lock, a new line of locking products that can work with the key you already use to start your car.

Created by Strattec, the locks don’t come with a key of their own.  Instead, they’ll “learn” the shape of the first key that penetrates their keyhole, taking it as the only stick of metal that can disengage their hold (no, that didn’t sound sexual at all).

The Bolt Lock line currently consists of five locks: padlock, motorcycle wheel lock, cable lock, spare tire lock and receiver lock.   All are made using automotive-grade cylinders with a shutter and six-plate tumbler.  Strattec claims they’re highly resistant to corrosion and incredibly difficult to pick, as well.

Each item features the same clever learning mechanism that allows it to work with your existing car key.  Do note that only keys for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler vehicles will work with the current versions of the locks, so import owners are still out of luck.

We’re not sure of the tech behind the Bolt Lock, as Strattec isn’t very forthcoming about how it works.  As always, I suspect voodoo magic, but I could be wrong.  The locks are available individually, with prices starting at $27.49.

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